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Virtual volunteering: Milonga’s proposal to the youth of El Diamante school

Together with the school for young people “El Diamante” in Mexico, milONGa presented the alternative of virtual volunteering to the youth of the school, as well as others who want to undertake a new challenge from their homes.

On September 8, a virtual volunteering proposal was presented to 41 young people from 10 Latin American countries, which make up the school el Diamante “Training to transform the world” in its first online edition.

The objective of the school is to offer an apprenticeship of life that integrates all the human dimensions. That is to say; an experience of life, inspired by spirituality of unity, developed in a multicultural environment that helps to grow self-discovery through social commitment and responsible actions.

Offer of volunteering

There are 17 social organizations from different parts of the world that are waiting to receive the volunteers. The school made available to the young people a catalog of institutions with which they can collaborate.

These include: Comprehensive Promotion of People PIP (Mexico); Fiore Educational Center (Guatemala); Chiara Luce Homework Club (El Salvador); HUNU Association (Honduras); New Horizons Social Center (Argentina); UNISOL Foundation(Bolivia); Solfami (Colombia); Social Art Project (Cuba); Social Institute of Labor (España) and Fazenda of Hope (Kenia), among others.

The young people will be able to choose the country and organization with which they would like to work. The idea is that although done virtually, they can have an intercultural and reciprocal experience.

Activities to donate to these organizations

There are infinite activities available for the youth. Opportunities to share their knowledge, artistic talents, social abilities, social media skills, emotional accompaniment, etc.

In the same way, they will be able to give different workshops that help to create links with the people who host these organizations. The topics will be aimed at strengthening self-esteem, importance of mental health, campaigns in favor of people with disabilities, spaces for dialogue, among other topics of interest.

I want to dance with Milonga

For Maria Camila (Colombia), who is one of the young people of el Diomante, this invitation motivated her, it moved her to give of herself for these organizations, to continue weaving bonds of love:

“The expectation that I have is to be able to offer all that I am, my abilities, my defects, since even that is transforming and it returns to you a little cleaner, different. The virtual modolity is challenging, because one has to be more committed, leave them I cannot; it will be something new, but not impossible. Inside my chest I feel the call.”

Likewise, Jazmin Cruz (Honduras), said that this proposal of volunteering seems wonderful. Since it is a different and universal way of helping:

“It is impossible to say no, for me it would be a pleasant experience, sharing and serving various social groups. I can contribute in different ways, either with my computer knowledge, my human capital, or availability to help.”

The El Diamante school began on August 15 and hopes to finish on December 12 of this year. This project is organized byr Mariapolis “El Diamante” Acatzingo, Puebla (Mexico).

La scuola è iniziata il 15 agosto e si concluderá il 12 dicembre di quest’anno. É un progetto proposto dalla Mariapolis “El Diamante” Acatzingo, Puebla (Messico).

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