Fundación UNISOL (Cochabamba/Santa Cruz) BOLIVIA

Created in 2006, inspired by the thought and work of Chiara Lubich. It has two centers: one in the city of Cochabamba, the Rincon de Luz center, which provides comprehensive care for children and youth at risk; the second in the city of Santa Cruz, Clara Luz Center, which provides assistance and comprehensive care for disadvantaged children from 0-12 years. The project also supports microcredit projects and improvement of housing.

Education (school support: education, sports, special education, the strengthening of the family and other related activities); productive activities: (basic accounting, productive projects, business plan, economic feasibility analysis and others)

It offers accommodation only. Rincón Centro de Luz 4 men and 2 women, Clara Luz 4 women. Available period: from February to November