Fazenda da Esperança St. John Baptist

Description: The Fazenda da Esperança, or “farm of hope”, is a recovery community born in Brazil in the 1980s and now widespread in various areas of the world. The main purpose of the Fazenda is to help men and women to overcome the problems related to alcoholism and drug addiction, helping them become new people through a path based on three pillars: work, community life and spiritual life.

Possible areas of service: Being a volunteer in Fazenda means sharing the life of the young people who live there and following them in their daily activities. The tasks concern: community development, agriculture, assistance, recreational activities, help in the kitchen.

Lodging information: The volunteer will be lodging at the Fazenda da Esperança St. John Baptist (Kamuguru, Embu County, Kenya).


Familia ya Ufariji Children’s Home

Description: The Familia ya Ufariji (name that in Kiswahili means “Family of Consolation”) was inaugurated in 1998 by the Consolata Missionary Fathers in order to counter the great problem of street children. It is a structure in which abandoned children are welcomed, fed and educated. At the same time, intensive research is carried out in order to trace the relatives of minors and prepare for their future reintegration into society.

Possible areas of service: The volunteer will be involved in agricultural, social and educational/recreational work (help with homework, moments of play with children); in addition, the service includes a contribution by the volunteer in the care/cleaning of the rooms and in small maintenance jobs. Lastly, if the orphanage director deems it possible, there will be the opportunity of acting as a support of the field work carried out by the social worker.

Lodging information: The volunteer will stay at the orphanage, located in the district of Kahawa West (north-eastern suburb of Nairobi).


Mariapoli Piero

Description: The Mariapolis Piero was founded in 1992 and is one of the small towns of the Focolare Movement, places where people of all ages and backgrounds meet to live together under the banner of mutual love. The citadel “Piero” represents a very important meeting point for the whole African continent and for this reason it is at the center of an intense activity made of exchanges, conferences, congresses and moments of formation.

Possible areas of service: The volunteer’s work will focus around the “WIM” center, where help is required in areas such as: catering, assistance at the reception, maintenance of the environments (electrical and plumbing systems), agriculture and gardening, design (web and design), languages (Italian and English lessons, translations).

Lodging Information: The volunteer will stay at the facilities of the Mariapolis (Kenyatta Road, Kalimoni, Kenya – about 30km from the capital Nairobi).


Magnificat Project

Description: The Magnificat Project is a project carried out in the slum of Mathare, the second largest and poorest slum in Kenya. The project is divided into several parts: on the one hand, it is a kindergarten/elementary school for the children of the area; on the other hand, the project acts as a cooperative thanks to which local families can help each other and increase the well-being of the community, in the light of the Ideal of the Focolare Movement and the so-called “Culture of giving”.

Possible areas of service: The volunteer will have the opportunity to go to Mathare during the day and therefore offer his/her own contribution to the development of the community, organizing small educational/recreational activities for children and sharing meals at the end of the lessons. In addition, some home visits are planned to learn about the neighborhood and get acquainted with some of the families living there.

Lodging Information: The volunteer will stay at the facilities provided by the Mariapolis Piero. The place of service, however, is easily accessible by public transport (at the expense of the volunteer).


Important information

Recommended service period: 2 to 4 months.

Dates for the service: from January to October.

Language: knowledge of English (at least basic) is required.