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We definitely don’t miss out on life (Part I)

Unthinkable decisions

One day before the Argentine government decreed the mandatory quarantine throughout the country, the Nuevos Horizontes Social Center decided to close its doors, amidst the pain implied by the decision, but its functions did not stop. From that day on, it began a race to continue serving the community of the FONAVI neighborhood in the city of Punta Alta in Argentina.

For 16 years it has been open, the Social Centre has never closed, not even on vacation, but the pandemic forced the centre to make unthinkable decisions to protect and care for the entire community, especially the children who attend the centre daily.

The decision not only forced the stop of daily activities, but the team who work there had to quickly adapt their functions to accompany and care for their community.

Like Nuevos Horizontes, all the milONGa social organizations began a marathon almost against the clock so as not to leave their communities alone and isolated. They quickly found themselves faced with the first and greatest need to attend to: hunger.

Many people, who live from day to day, found themselves without economic sustenance. An already precarious situation was made worse by not being able to go out to work and many people lost their jobs.

The great question, shared by all social organizations, was how to organize ourselves to fight against this problem that was looming, which was going to affect several of the families in the communities.

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