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The experience that changed my vision of the business worldl

By Carlos Caballero

Without a doubt, I was very anxious to start this beautiful adventure. I decided to give myself in those two months, giving everything and contributing my “drop in the ocean.”

I was glad to have been received by an Argentine girl and Mexican boy who had previously done milONGa, also in Mariapolis El Diamante. I think that the fact that I volunteered in the small town of the Focolare helps a lot to feel welcome from the first moment and feel part of the family. I was very anxious to be able to start work right away.

As I said before, from the first moment they made me feel part of the family, and at work I was part of the team, an important piece where I felt listened to and taken into account.

One of the things that cost me the most was having little time for all the work I wanted to do, and the most beautiful thing, without a doubt, was the fact of building a very difficult job together as a team. We were all very happy when the work we had done was presented.

I learned to be patient, I relearned that people always come first and then work, whatever it may be. I changed the vision I had about the business world; I understood that not everything is about money in a company but what one transmits and gives through the services that one provides and the relationships that are established.

I was very happy because what I thought I wouldn't achieve due to a matter of time turned out better than I thought.

And finally, something that left a deep mark on me and that no one will ever take away from me, are the relationships built with people and the lived experience.

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