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Carmo Social Project!

David Leomar

It is with great joy and satisfaction that I write to share with you the best experience we had during the architecture workshop we held with the teenagers of their social project. It was an incredibly enriching and rewarding event for everyone involved.

During the workshop, the teenagers were completely immersed in the world of architecture, exploring their creativity and developing architectural skills. One of the highlights was when we presented them with the challenge of designing and building their own architectural model.

I clearly remember how, at first, some of them were shy and doubted their abilities. However, as the workshop progressed, I witnessed an amazing transformation. The teenagers became more confident.


I was impressed to have found great skills in the children and the attention to detail shown by (LUCAS), a child who made me feel satisfied with the work done. But the most exciting thing was to see the sparkle in the teenagers' eyes as they proudly presented their models and shared their creative process with their peers and family, and how happy the parents were to know that they enjoy something so beautiful in a profession.

One of the groups presented a model inspired by their experiences, in which they used recycled materials to represent a house that they all built together. They explained how each element of their design was carefully considered to explain their way of life.  It was inspiring to hear them speak with such passion and debate what was and wasn't right in a home.

This architecture workshop not only helped them learn about design and model making, but also gave them the opportunity to discover their own potential, develop collaborative skills and gain confidence in their ability to tackle creative challenges. It was a transformative experience both for them and for me as an architect.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have worked with the teenagers of the Centro Bairro do Carmo. They were an exceptionally talented, motivated and passionate group. I hope that this experience inspired them to explore the world of architecture further and to consider it as a possible career.


If there are other ways you would like to collaborate with the Centro Bairro do Carmo in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am excited to continue supporting initiatives that provide creative and educational opportunities for young people who have a big heart and no bad intentions. I am grateful for the way I have been welcomed and integrated into the community as a brother.


Sincerely: UNCLE LEO.

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