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Paraguay, Asuncion

For over 30 years it has been carrying out numerous projects, initiatives and interventions with the aim of contributing to the formation of values and the development of a culture of fraternity in Paraguay and in particular in the Barrio San Miguel.

Specific requests:  

  • intermediate Spanish

  • basic English or Italian

  • complete COVID19 vaccine

Mode: face-to-face

Period: from January to November

Minimum time:  1 month

Maximum time: 2 months

Context of the community in which he works

UNIPAR works particularly with the children of the San Miguel neighbourhood and surrounding areas, but it also focuses its attention on addressing some of the basic needs of the community. Thanks to the work of the Foundation, the living conditions of the community have improved and although there are no families in extreme poverty, poverty abounds around the neighbourhood and the problems to be addressed are many.

Its goals

UNIPAR has the purpose of contributing to the formation of values ​​and the development of the culture of fraternity in Paraguay, working jointly to respond to the problems and needs of Paraguayan society.

Main activities carried out

Where the Association is located there is a primary school which offers support in the areas of language, mathematics, computer science and English. There is also a hairdressing course. There is also an ecological area and an organic garden. Its facilities are mainly used to promote the culture of unity and community development through short, medium and long-term projects.

Volunteers profile

Psychology and social assistance, nursing, medicine, dentistry professionals or students. responsible young people with social sensitivity. Proactive and empathetic.

Tasks to be done

Implementing integration programmes with children and adolescents in the community through workshops and recreational activities. Train them and provide them with tools for the promotion of Human and Environment Rights.

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