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Ubuntu A.P.S.

Italy, Macerata.

We promote a culture of trust and reciprocity, counteracting isolation and mistrust, in order to arrive at universal brotherhood.

Specific requests:  

  • basic knowledge of Italian

Mode: face-to-face

Period: from September to June

Minimum time:  3 months

Maximum time: 10 months

Context of the community in which he works

Macerata is a small province of the Marche, in the center of Italy, with about 42,000 inhabitants with a significant percentage of the population over 65. In recent decades, extensive urbanization has characterized the area as one of the most residential in the city, despite having inside it various services and structures for a certain neighborhood life. The population is around 7,000 people.


As in other parts of the city and the region, over 65s are increasing year after year, approaching 40% of all residents.

Its goals

Promote a culture of trust and reciprocity, counteracting isolation and mistrust, in order to achieve universal fraternity. Specifically, Reteviva's activity mainly involves residents in the parish / district of Santa Croce; it offers the opportunity, making the person the protagonist of activities and promoter of ideas, to reinvent their own social role within a community that usually tends to isolate them for having already completed much of their path. We support both the individual person, but consequently and in a more or less indirect way to the family next to him

Main activities carried out

Various workshops for over 65, depending on the skills of the volunteers available, cultural walks, reading groups in the neighborhood library, small home services for those who cannot go out (company, reading, shopping, buying drugs, phone calls).

Volunteers profile

Good listening skills, empathy, relationality, hospitality

Tasks to be done

The role of the volunteer is "facilitator of social networks": starting from the specific personal predispositions, they will support the work of the other volunteers "facilitators" and, in particular: they will attend workshops to ensure a good progress of the activities and to favour the formation of relationships; they will be able to create workshops by themselves; they will be able to deal with the promotional aspect; they will dedicate themselves to the home services (companionship, reading, small errands). They will be a "social antenna" to capture needs and requirements within the various groups and on the territory.

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