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Promoción Integral de la Persona para una Sociedad Fraterna, Asociación Civil

Mexico, Mexico City.

We promote initiatives that have the culture of unity and the promotion of fraternity as their common denominator.

Specific requests:  

  • medium or advanced knowledge of Spanish, basic knowledge of English or Italian is essential

  • bachelor's degree or higher studies completed in areas equal to or related to those applied for

  • complete COVID19 vaccine and medical insurance.

Mode: face-to-face / online

Period: from February to November

Minimum time:  3 months

Maximum time: 6 months

Context of the community in which he works

It is based in the south-central area of Mexico City, in the environment of a megalopolis, where it mainly deals with office activities with possible field trips for the formulation and monitoring of projects, institutional liaison and public relations, among other activities. PIP. A.C. works with different social organisations and populations. Its work is aimed at strengthening institutions that work in contexts of vulnerability and not only. Its scope of action also encompasses social organisations and projects in different regions of the country, so that the communities to which it directs its action have different characteristics.

Its goals

Promote the development of people, respect for their dignity and the fulfillment of their human rights through the promotion of social, economic, cultural and academic initiatives that aim to build a just, dialogue, equitable and fraternal society.

Main activities carried out

In PIP A.C. A multiplicity of activities are developed aimed at strengthening social initiatives, the design and implementation of new projects, technical advice, fundraising, communication and social marketing, training, public advocacy and links with civil organizations and governmental.

Volunteers profile

Young people in excellent health, not consuming alcohol, tobacco and other toxic substances, with a spirit of solidarity and service, and with intercultural sensitivity.

Tasks to be done

Communication and digital marketing, management of social networks and creation of digital content. Preparation and holding of workshops and short courses on social, occupational and awareness-raising on human rights, citizenship and community development issues. Support in the formulation of social projects, formulation and application of funding strategies, file management and basic office operation.

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