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Return to life what he given us

We are Alexandra and Rodrigo, two teachers at the primary school in Logroño. This year we wanted to give back to life, in a simple way, all the good it has given us and therefore we thought of a volunteer experience.

After a long search, evaluating various options, we choose the “Escuela Unipar de Capiatá”, in Paraguay. The language and the educational project were the two pillars that helped us make the decision. After some preparations, we take the plane. Initially we left with some concern, we didn't know what we would find. We must say that the Paraguayan people are very welcoming and ready to give themselves to others.

It is probably not the most organized and safest country in the world, but its people have been very friendly and attentive towards us; we have never had a negative experience. At the same time, the project coordinators - Maria Estela, Elaina and Carol - were also very attentive with us all for the time. We were hosted by Paraguayan families, who made us feel at home and who told us what it is like to live in that place.

Without a doubt it was much better than staying in a cold hotel, as they made us partakers of their culture and we loved it all. In addition, every weekend they cooked asado (grilled meat), very good !!!! We do not want to compare it to what is done by us because we could lose the challenge.

The project consisted of helping out a school in Capiatá, located in a fast-growing neighborhood called San Miguel. During those days we had the children play, but also held lessons for them. The teachers were very kind and on some occasions they revealed their difficulties, deriving from being inserted in such complex realities and with so few resources.

For example, they do not have the tools to make photocopies, nor access to the Internet, there is only one physical education teacher who, unfortunately, can only come once a week and there are many children who do not receive at home the attention they deserve. We shared some impressions on the educational system, we met some children in need of affection and to this day we are thrilled to think of them, with their hugs and their smiles.

The project was interrupted for a week due to the winter holidays (ah yes, in Paraguay there is a "winter" of 20 degrees on average but which, in a few hours of the day, can drop to 15 degrees), so there it was offered to go, in the meantime, to another reality. In this case we have arrived in a Fazenda, that is a space where people try to get out of a condition of drug addiction.

Devemos colocar a medalha de ser or primeiro, mas isso não must parar por aqui, gostaríamos que mais pessoas fossem incentivadas a conhecer e compartilhar momentos neste projeto emocionante e enriquecedor. Portanto, if você is um professor apaixonado, gosta de viajar de uma maneira diferente and conhecer pessoas maravilhosas, esse também pode ser o seu projeto. Entre em contato I know and lhe daremos todas as informações que você precise.

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