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New year, new challenges

This 2019 arrives loaded with many challenges for Milonga. After two years of starting the pilot phase, now is the time to consolidate the program that to date has contributed to connecting more than 80 young people interested in donating their time, skills and interests, with different social works around the world.

One of the main challenges is precisely to expand the offer of social organizations that are part of Milonga. To do this, we have outlined a route of action in which we seek to involve social organizations from Asia and Africa, some of which are already working internally to enable the reception of young volunteers.

On the other hand, the United States, being the country with the most people doing some kind of volunteering, is working to spread the program to interested young people, key actors, members of the Focolare Movement and social organizations that can be part of this new phase.

Likewise, in Central America, with the support of the Integral Promotion of the Person organization, the aim is to monitor the NGOs that are already part of the program and expand coverage to other countries in the region such as El Salvador, Guatemala, etc. where there is not only a diversity of social projects interested in having international volunteers, but also young people who are restless in contributing to the construction of a better world through volunteering experiences.

Colombia, Ecuador and Peru join the list of Latin American countries that milONGa wants to reach in 2019; year in which we will also seek to improve the quality of volunteering experiences that young people do, through deepening the content that is addressed in the training and support spaces provided before, during and after the experience.

Therefore, this year milONGa is committed to expanding the offer and improving the quality of experiences so that volunteering becomes a laboratory of fraternity and interculturality with an impact on the personal lives of young people and communities, and with an impact on the field local.

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