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My experience at “Casa De Los Niños”

by Júlia Cerarols Riba

I spend a little bit more than two months at “Casa de Los Niños”. I started the experience mid of October and I stayed until Christmas. When I came back home, I missed the kids. The bound with the kids of the community and, most of all, the ones that live in the house was so strong.

Before travelling, I tried not to create high expectations, because I didn’t know the country so well and the environment that I would be. I got ready for the trip, but all the moment I was thinking that it’d be an experience that certainly would make me learn. Therefore, I put on my mind that it would be a hard and uncertain experience.

When I arrived to the airport of Cochabamba, I felt calm. Who picked me up was Gianluca that is responsible of the volunteers. I felt so relaxed when I so him so happy and close. I remember that in the car, on the way to the house, we were talking about his vision of the situation of the country and the kids.

It was important to have Gianluca presence as a reference, since he was already been a volunteer during his time. He was so sensible with us, the volunteers that we would find our places in the school, doing what we like. During the time that took the school year, in the mornings, we were at school and in the afternoon, we helped on the workshops. I used to teach English and Spanish at school for the high school students and helped the teacher of elementary school.

For my experience, it was essential to meet other three volunteers. Share the experience with them was a huge support, because we could spend a lot of time together and have fun. I consider import to be surrounded by foreign people to be able to share sensations that appears when you live in such a different country of Europe.

Even if in certain moments were not so easy to live in the “House”, since there were many people and we didn’t know so well what should be our role (at the cooking, cleaning moment…) I believe that lived at “Casa de Los Niños” and in the community gave a huge value on my volunteering experience. The contact with the kids and with the people were almost 24 hours a day and this created a strong bond with many people.

The attachment to the children was the most beautiful from all the experience. What I will take with me forever is the Discovery of the love between the kids and the wealth to discover a new culture and a new way to see the life.

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