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Manifest for peace, unity, concord and universal fraternity

UNIRedes/New Humanity

On the seventy-first anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, when the exhortation launched by the United Nations General Assembly “to all the peoples of the world” was posted and the International Human Rights Day is celebrated, in front of the difficult situation that our continent is going though, due to disrespect and violation of these rights as well as the existence of networks of corruption and criminality that damage it, we, as members of UNIRedes /New Humanity NGO, want to express our commitment to:

  • Join us in a continental network willing to promote and create true collaborative bonds able to contribute to the construction of a more just, solidarity and committed world so that Human Rights are not only an affirmation, but a reality lived in the spirit of universal fraternity;

  • Cultivate and spread a culture that arouses, respects, protects and guarantees the full realization of the dignity, freedom and rights of the people throughout their cycle of life, wherever we are;

  • To work tirelessly to promote and disseminate among the largest number of people in our territory (country, state, province, municipality, town, community) a firm and convinced awareness of the value that, as a human being, each citizen possesses.

  • Share experiences, good practices, needs and talents, as well as resources for the formation and training of our members, which allows us to reciprocally strengthens ourselves without geographical or language barriers, in order to support the understanding that all human beings are part of a single family;

  • Support all those who want to work together in order to make justice and fraternity more visible and concrete in the world, overcoming the unworthy conditions to which many human beings are subjected.

  • Generate public opinion regarding situations that violate o are harmful to Human Rights, justice, legality, peace, making them visible through our networks and media throughout the planet.

We make an exhortation and a public appeal to government institutions, to various civil society organizations and to people who support social and citizen initiatives, to join and share efforts to contribute to build a world in which the rights inherent to each person are not violated, but rather protected and fully guaranteed.

Given the serious situation we are going through, facing a continent on fire because of social explosions, we also wish to express our closeness to each of our Latin American brothers and sisters who are suffering from all sorts of social, economic or political causes. Often, the policy implementation doesn´t meet to the great needs of most of the population and especially the people marginalized or those who are considered “disposable.”

Our solidarity goes to those who are with us, but also to those we will never see, to those who agree with our ideas and to those who disagree with them. This doesn´t prevent us from declaring that confrontation and violence, even if they find justifications, will never solve the problems. Only dialogue, welcoming each other unconditionally in their hopes and pains, beyond our differences (ideas, ethnicity, age, gender, intellectual and technical abilities, etc.), is the only way to find the harmony, peace and full development of each person, as being in relation to his brothers and sisters in the great human family.

At last, as UNIRedes/New Humanity NGO we commit ourselves to be a channel of unity of the human race, building with our daily effort a more fraternal, supportive society, starting with our “square meter” in which we are called to live in the present, with the awareness that each tile contributes to building the huge mosaic of light and hope that the united New Humanity , as a big family, should be.

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