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Intercultural volunteering opportunities in Kenya and Tanzania

We invite all young people between 18 and 35 to have the courage to take advantage of this volunteer opportunity, in Kenya and Tanzania, in July of this year.

This experience is called "Asante Africa" ​​(thanks Africa). Three years ago a group of young Spaniards began this experience together with the Focolare community of Kenya and Tanzania.

The activities will take place in educational centers and will include visits to local families. It is a volunteer experience, where the meeting between people is the starting and ending point for improving the living conditions of the different communities.

The purpose of this project is that young people of different nationalities have the opportunity to experience an opportunity for intercultural and quality volunteering.

The experience includes a first formative stage that will take place in the first week of July in the Mariapolis Piero in Nairobi. This year, these issues will be explored:

  • The person and his development in the African cultural context

  • The person in the European cultural context

  • The person in the "Andean Cosmovision"

  • We want to generate a profound dialogue with those who will participate, to know their motivations, allow the exchange of questions and answers and facilitate the construction of a rich and united group.

  • For those who wish to participate, they can write to this email, sending us the reasons and doubts.



Facebook: eugenio chico

Whatsapp: +254786406495

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