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From Brazil to Mexico

Taking advantage of the vacations that I had at the University of Brazil, I went to Mexico for a month to volunteer.

I wanted to work with children and since I study Chemical Engineering, I thought that I would be able to provide support in the areas of chemistry and mathematics.

Upon my arrival in México, I went to live at the Maríapolis El Diamante, which is near the city of Acatzingo, Puebla.

The Maríapolis is beautiful and charming, and I was pleased of being there since there is a lot of nature, and the people with whom I lived with and the inhabitants of the citadel were very friendly.

I had the opportunity of doing my volunteering at the school that is there. I worked with students from the first, second and third grade of middle school. They were children between the ages of 11 through 15 years old. I supported the mathematics and physics teacher and the chemistry teacher.

I usually helped students with their doubts, and I also worked with students who had more difficulties in class.

When we weren’t in class, I worked with other groups of students, supporting them in mathematics. I also worked with a group of five children from the primary grades who were going to participate in a national math competition.

The month flew by, but I lived every moment intensely. It was nice helping the children and seeing their improvement every time we did more work.

I also had the time to witness their reality and seeing that despite their hardships, they were polite. I never felt a love so pure like the one I lived in México!

The children, teachers and the people who worked at the school treated me very well. The people at the Maríapolis were also very polite and everyday was filled with joy and beautiful feelings.

When the final week arrived, I did not want to leave because I was in love with the life of giving and receiving, feeling the love and experimenting with how I could help people without realizing it. I already want to return soon because when I was there, I was able to realize of who I am and how I want to be, of how I want to live my life, and how I want to be a better person.

I can only give thanks of having lived this opportunity, and I hope that more young people can live these incredible experiences.

I would like to send a big hug to those who were part of this journey, and I hope that I am able to do more jobs such as this one.

Gabriele, Brasil

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