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Conclusion of the first virtual edition of the El Diamante school

On December 12, the El Diamante School of Mexico ended its first virtual edition with the logan “To train to transform the world”, an opportunity for 41 young people from different parts of the world who took on the challenge of going in depth, self reflecting, and thinking about the other; making use of this new reality, virtuality.

The event was carried out through a virtual meeting, attended by the 37 students who managed to finish the process, as well as the school coordinators, teachers, tutors, assistants, special guests and representatives of milONGa as those in charge of the social services done by the young people.

For six months the students experienced many realities: interculturality, knowledge of the other, and above all a dialogue based on respect and communication. Similarly, the young people did virtual volunteering in 17 organizations in 8 different countries, where they carried out various tasks such as: painting workshops, origami, talks, manuals, and materials for fundraising campaigns for NGOs, among other activities.

For Maripaz, coordinator of the school, this experience presented many challenges, certainties and enrichment for all those involved …

“We have seen that the young people had commitment and tenacity despite their work, study and other schedules… Their lives awaken in us a feeling of hope, mystery and passion. In this sense, we thank the entire team of teachers who have enriched the classes, the assistants, tutors who are from different countries and who have helped us in the coexistence of the houses of life. To the milONGa volunteering and its social organizations distributed throughout the world, all of them have been champions for their generosity and commitment”Lucas Cerviño, un altro coordinatore della scuola, ha affermato che, nonostante fosse un’ esperienza a livello sperimentale, i giovani vogliono vivere questo tipo di esperienza.

Lucas Cerviño, other of the coordinators of the school, said that, despite the fact that everything was an experimental setting, young people do want to live this type of experience.

“We have confirmed that young people bet on these things and are capable of having a spirit of adaptation and updating in a fast, deep and sincere way… Many of us had doubts; susceptibilities at the beginning, but we surely leave with the certainty that it can be done well through these means, and I think that is beautiful because it allows us a renewal from within and it is the treasure that we have decided to give to the world”

On the other hand, representing milONGa, Virginia Osorio expressed her sincere thanks.

“I thank you for this possibility and opportunity to also have this experience of communion and life together, we have accompanied the young people virtually and we thank you for the trust and the opportunity… There have been 17 organizations from 8 countries that have also encouraged themselves together with us to travel this risk, volunteering in virtuality”
Testimony of graduates

A nome di tutti i laureati, Nikte dal Messico e Filemón dal Nicaragua hanno espresso apprezzamento generale. “Questo percorso che oggi raggiunge la sua prima tappa non sarebbe stato possibile senza i nostri docenti, tutor, consulenti, coordinatori, colleghi e senza un maestro che ci ha accompagnato collegamento dopo collegamento. Grazie infinite per tutti i tuoi sforzi “, ha detto Nikte.

On behalf of all the graduates, Nikte from Mexico and Filemón from Nicaragua expressed their appreciation. “This path that today reaches its first stop would not have been possible without our teachers, tutors, advisors, coordinators, and colleagues who accompanied us connection after connection. Infinite thanks for all your efforts ”said Nikte.

We are sure that just when we were invited to participate in this project, we did so with a certain degree of skepticism, trying to figure out in our heads how a virtual classroom was going to adjust to an ideal that needs the concrete, to move to a screen that many times it has meant disconnecting from our families and friends. Today we have broken that barrier and despite that we have not been perfect we have built a family beyond distance and means, with the certainty that it can be built and experienced every time the heart and soul are willing” Philemon said.

The El Diamante School, in its virtual edition, will have a second edition, from February to June 2021.

It will be the opportunity for young dreamers who want to experience a profound change in themselves and in the world. For a new normal 2.0

If you want to live this experience go to

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