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Change of course - Bolivia

Two girls from Spain and a Frenchman chose a different kind of holidays this year. It is not the first time that they have done it, but it’s the first time in Latin America.

They contacted the program when it first started, in April. We had a first Skype conversation to know about their expectations and skills, and discover together where they could give and receive in this program.

These three-a teacher, an emergency nurse, a physiotherapist – have left their mark in “La Casa de los Niños” and also in “Rincon de Luz” two social actions of Cochabamba. La Casa de los Niños is welcomes street children who have been abandoned by their families because of their congenital diseases ormalformations or because they were born with disabilities.

In addition to care and assistance for the children, it works with the families so they can take charge of the children. Rincon de Luz is an educational center in the south of Cochabamba which works to improve the educational quality of the child and adolescent population.

We share two short videos of how it felt to be one of the volunteers, an experience that undoubtedly can be yours:

“Bolivia has taught me a strong social reality that is very different fromwhat we see here in Spain… It helped me not just to know the problems, maybe I was already aware of them, but to recognize and accept that everyone, no matter where we come from, how much money we have, where we live, we are all equal, that the dignity of the person is very important and it is also very special. I think it made me live this, not only to recognize it, but to live it 100%. Later I also learned to appreciate the little things that I did before in other voluntary service, but each country makes you live with its own characteristics”. Laura

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