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5 years learning to dance the fraternity of Milonga (Part III)

We have reached the last installment of the milONGa story. Previously we have explored its beginnings, the circumstances that motivated its creation, the proposal with which the program has grown and some of the most important moments of these 5 years, but what is in the future for milONGa?

We’ll take you through a little bit of our program today to glimpse some of the proposals that milONGa wants to develop in the short term.

What is the program like today?

Today, milONGa is a service and social training program with great potential. Thanks to the wide network of organizations that put the fraternity into action, with which we have contact in the 5 continents. Many of which have adhered little by little to the project; therefore, we have a degree of exponential expansion.

On the other hand, milONGa today is a platform for social awareness from a dialogic perspective that has a clear intercultural identity, which also fosters ties that are woven and last beyond the experience itself. Therefore, it is a space in which to give meaning and significance to one’s life. It is enough to know some of the stories of the young people who have gone through the program.

What are the prospects for 2021 and for the future of milONGa?

This year, we want you all to join us in celebrating these 5 years, which includes several initiatives that will renew some aspects of the program.

We are closing an important stage of the project design, we will renovate the site, since we are in another stage. We will continue to multiply the opportunities for encounters, to multiply the bonds of fraternity, of peace, of friendship between people and between peoples. In the times we live in, hope is more necessary than ever, we believe that this social and intercultural dance is a seed that bears fruit. Ties of solidarity and brotherhood are essential to build the future, to continue fostering these bridges between peoples and sharing experiences of people who, despite difficulties, are willing to risk everything for the other.

We also hope that the pandemic will allow us to re-enable face-to-face volunteering and promote other exchange spaces that we will soon be launching.

With this third installment we conclude the tour through the history of milONGa; a story that continues to be written with the contribution of so many volunteers, social organizations and communities that continue to join in this intercultural dance.
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