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Mariápolis Ginetta

Brasil, Vargem Grande Paulista

A training center for young people who seek to grow personally and spiritually, through social activities in the midst of the different realities of the surrounding community.

Specific requests:  

  • being vaccinated

  • having intermediate or advanced Portuguese

Mode: face-to-face / online

Period: from February to December

Minimum time:  2 months

Maximum time: 10 months

Context of the community in which he works

Since 1972 the first inhabitants of this small district of Vargem Grande Paulista, then Ginetta Calliari, Volo and other pioneers of the life of the Focolare Movement in Brazil, strengthened the creation of an events center to encourage the meeting of people who, until today , try to strengthen the relationship with the local community, participating in training courses on various topical issues, sharing stories of overcoming and building a new reality, based on mutual love, peace, fraternity, respect and enhancement of differences.


Always keeping an eye on the needs of those who pass by, our goal is to inspire people from all over the world to live in the same way, through the promotion of meetings and events that seek to transform the society in which we live.

Its goals

A training center for young people, families, priests, seminarians, religious men and women who spend a period ranging from six months to two years to explore the lifestyle of fraternity promoted by Focolares Movement. Three elements are the basis of the construction of the Mariapolis: giving oneself, work, and the communion of goods. All the inhabitants are maintained by their work, in various activities.

Main activities carried out

The Mariapolis Ginetta is known all over the world because here, in 1991, Chiara Lubich started an innovative project that has spread to many countries: the "Economy of Communion", inspired by the "culture of sharing", to offer a contribution to the drama of poverty and inequality. The first business hub in the world was born just 4 km away. This is what most characterizes the Mariapolis. As Chiara highlighted - “I wanted to be a beacon and a hope” for our land of great socio-economic contrasts.

Together with local businesses and the SMF, a social entity of the Focolare Movement, we support the social works Jardim Margarida and Bairro do Carmo, initiatives that create a great social impact in the disadvantaged places around the Mariapolis Ginetta.

Here young people, families, religious and priests are formed. They come here for a few months, a year or a few days. The Mariápolis Ginetta Center hosts national and international events for the spiritual formation of members of the Focolare Movement, Churches, movements, companies and organizations with and without commercial purposes.

Volunteers profile

Over 18 years old, both genders, open to build social bond

Tasks to be done

SMF (Sociedade Movimento dos Focolari): Supports projects and people by developing practical actions to transform the reality of the community tha is in social vulnerability. Possible activities: communication and admnistrative support.

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