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Mariapoli Ottmaring

Germany, Ottmaring.

We were born from the desire to give a concrete testimony of "unity in diversity".

Specific requests:  

  • intermediate English or intermediate Italian or basic German

  • COVID vacin cycle completed

Mode: face-to-face

Period: all months of the year except August

Minimum time:  2 months

Maximum time: 3 months

Context of the community in which he works

The Cittadella Nuova Legge is an Ecumenical Center and for some years also refugee families of the Muslim religion have been living there, thus allowing dialogue to be extended to the Islamic world.

Its goals

Ottmaring is a "center of life" where one experiences "unity in diversity" in the various fields: family, work, school, study, sport and culture ... Its main goal is to offer spaces for dialogue at 360 degrees and to testify that unity in diversity is possible.

Main activities carried out

It is a meeting center that offers the possibility for the most varied groups throughout the year. There the "Together for Europe" initiative was born and has its headquarters, which is a free convergence of Christian Communities and Movements - currently over 300 spread throughout the Continent - of different Churches. While maintaining their autonomy, they act in line with shared goals. Another activity is to host various "summer schools" or other initiatives aimed at young people.

Volunteers profile

  • There is no specific profile for the volunteer

Tasks to be done

The volunteers will be part of a community that welcomes them with great openness and invites them to participate in the various ways of "meeting". Specifically, they will be able to contribute in the following activities, according to their skills and interests:

  • garden and house maintenance;

  • help the elderly for expenses and more;

  • activities and help with homework with children;

  • engagements in the meeting center in the kitchen or in the various necessary services

  • collaboration in the preparation of parties, meetings...


Another aspect included in the volunteer hours is dialogue training which consists of meetings, excursions, commitments, information, focusing on local experiences and centered on 4 themes:

  • culture / history / politics

  • dialogue between confessions

  • dialogue between religions and the contemporary world

  • social life.


On average 15 hours per week will be dedicated to this activity.

Volunteers are invited to open up to a lived Gospel experience. For this purpose, five (5) hours of meeting with the tutor per week are planned to reflect on the experiences made. These meetings have the aim of helping young people in personal, interpersonal and community development.

Changing the world is in your hands

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