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Mariapolis Lia

Argentina, O'Higgins

Permanent space for the human formation of young people, an experience of life, in the full sharing of cultural, spiritual and material riches.

Specific requests:  

  • intermediate Spanish

  • complete COVID19 vaccine

Mode: face-to-face

Period: from February to December

Minimum time:  1 month

Maximum time: 5 months

Context of the community in which he works

It was founded in 1968 by a group of young people who decided to have an experience of evangelical life, sharing cultural, spiritual and material riches to the full. Over time, the experience was repeated and began to become a permanent space for the human formation of young people. A number of activities were also set up that still provide support for the young people, families and religious who live in the Mariapolis. The Mariapolis has developed over all these years with great commitment, accompanied by determination and the desire that its structures and formation paths be consolidated in such a way as to respond to the challenges and realities of today.

Its goals

Its aim is to be a small city where people experience what society can be like when the relationships between its members are based on the mutual love proposed by the Gospel. The Mariapolis Lia Citadel is a sketch, a laboratory, a testing ground, a school of fraternity open to all, where a model of a united world, born of coexistence and dialogue between generations, religions and cultures, is dreamt of, built and offered.

Main activities carried out

The Mariapolis has guesthouses with a capacity of 400 people. For the support of its inhabitants, in addition to the particular trades and professions of its inhabitants, various productive activities have also arisen where young people, families, priests who come every year to have their community experience can be involved.


These are school workshops which, in addition to allowing them to provide for themselves, are an important element of their overall training. They usually carry out artisanal tasks carried out in a team where they take care of the quality of the product, but above all the employment relationship, with excellent results.

Volunteers profile

Young students or professionals in the areas of: environmental engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, architecture or related studies. Students or professionals in the areas of marketing and related studies. It is very important that the volunteer, before embarking on the trip, agrees with the ethical-normative process of coexistence to which Mariapolis Lia and its inhabitants adhere.

Tasks to be done

Volunteers specialised in their profession will help in the field or business of their interest, taking into account the needs of the Mariapolis. It is a way of being part of an organisation and working together to fulfil its social aims.

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