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Mariapolis Arco-Íris

Portugal, Abrigada.

We experience a peaceful and fraternal coexistence between people of the most diverse ages and social conditions.

Specific requests:  

  • Basic knowledge of Portuguese

Mode: face-to-face

Period: from February to June and September and October

Minimum time:  2 months

Maximum time: 3 months

Context of the community in which he works

The Mariapolis Arco-Iris was born as a meeting center for the family of the Focolare Movement in Portugal. Little by little other realities were added to give life to a small citadel.

Its goals

It is presented as the outline of a new world, based on the fundamental values ​​of man. Its goal is to show that a peaceful and fraternal coexistence is possible between people of the most diverse ages and social conditions by practicing the only law of the citadel, Love.

Main activities carried out

Management of a center for meetings, retreats and conferences; large green area where there are some crops; headquarters of the Cidade Nova publishing house which, in addition to the periodic publication of the magazine, also has some publications of national books, or specially translated from Italian. It also houses the Economy of Communion Pole where there is a rehabilitation and resources center at the service of the people of the area. In addition to the resource center, some companies also operate in the EoC Polo, an NGO: AMU - Ações para um Mundo Unido and the hub of the EoC-IIN (Incubadora Paulo Melo) network for the incubation of businesses of economy of communion.

Volunteers profile

  • There is no specific profile for the volunteer

Tasks to be done

  • Support in photo collection during events and trainings. Managing and improving websites. Support logistics in the realisation of events and trainings. Helping to organise the archives. Helping with the accompaniment of new entrepreneurs, management, legal, financial and marketing aspects, etc. Working directly on projects such as in the organic vegetable garden.

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