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Istituto di Riabilitazione Audio-fonetica

Lebanon, Aïn Aar.

We give everyone, disabled or poor, the tools they need to make their life balanced, enjoyable and productive.

Specific requests:  

  • basic knowledge of English, French or Arabic

Mode: in presence

Period: every month except August

Minimum time:  3 months

Maximum time: 10 months

Context of the community in which he works

The Institute receives students from all regions of Lebanon and all religious faiths on an equal basis. It also receives children from Syria, Palestine and Iraq. He works mostly with hearing impaired children and young people, but also with children and young people in situations of socio-economic vulnerability.

Its goals

- Open up to social realities, trying to give everyone, disabled or poor, the necessary tools to make their life balanced, pleasant and productive.


- Aim for the social, cultural and professional integration of young people and their integration into society.


- Promote the education, development, rehabilitation and growth of hearing impaired children / young people in a familiar atmosphere and spirit.

Main activities carried out

Welcoming environment, screening, counseling, early childhood education, special education, speech therapy, psychomotor skills, psychology, schooling, infant audiometry and various professional training workshops

Volunteers profile

  • There is no specific profile for the volunteer

Tasks to be done

IRAP also has specific needs:


From 6 months to a year:

- Pattern designer for sewing / needlework and crafts

- model cutter / cutter, also for clothes


For the specialized institute a school year, from September to July or for a period of three or six months for an intensive course, we can adapt. We would be interested in:


- Professor of plastic arts


- Professor of computer science

- Sports teacher

- English teacher

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