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International Center of the Focolare Movement - Gen Rosso Music Group in Loppiano

Italy, Incisa Val d'Arno

Gen Rosso has developed its own training dimension, of varying lengths of time, for young people
already in, or about to enter, the artistic field at the professional level of the various 'performing
arts': Music, Singing, Sound&Lights, etc.

Specific requests:  

  • Between 20 to 30 years old

  • Knowledge of Italian and / or English (basic level)

  • Greenpass

Mode: face-to-face

Period: every month

Minimum time:  6 months

Maximum time: 12 months

Context of the community in which he works

Loppiano is a small town in the Tuscan hills, near Florence: 850 inhabitants from 65 countries around the world, the center of a multicultural coexistence founded on the life of Christian values. For this originality, since its birth, Loppiano has aroused a strong attraction for thousands of people, who came from all over the world to visit it.

Its goals

Communicating, through music, messages of peace and universal brotherhood and thus contributing to the creation of a more united world. An activity that he has carried out for the past 55 years through hundreds of tours in the five continents, creating different shows and around 500 songs.

Main activities carried out

The original activity of Gen Rosso stems from his artistic-cultural background, from the internationality of his members and from the personal commitment of each one to implement, in the context of daily life, the values of which he becomes ambassador. Since 2018, Gen Rosso has developed its own formative dimension, of variable duration, for young people already inserted, or in the process of being inserted, in the artistic field at a professional level of the various 'performing arts': Music, Sound & Lights, Theater, Dance, Singing etc.

Volunteers profile

Young people who have skills in the areas of the activities to be carried out, both artistic and / or technical, within the Gen Rosso, evaluated after an interview with the tutors of Gen Rosso and the head of the Youth Project.

Tasks to be done

  • To bring the young person to be able to fill some roles in the technical / production / artistic field. The roles in the technical / production area are: Room engineer, Light designer, Frequencies manager, Backliner, Video operator, Studio sound engineer and Production manager; the roles in the artistic area are: musician and singer. The path is developed in the following steps:

  • Theoretical / practical course relating to the specific task (at the Gen Rosso headquarters)

  • Support of a professional in a real production situation (at the Gen Rosso headquarters or on tour with Gen Rosso)

  • Assumption of the job in a real production situation (at the Gen Rosso headquarters or on tour with Gen Rosso)

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