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Fundación AwanaLink

Ecuador, Puembo.

We promote community businesses for solidarity development.

Specific requests:  

  • Basic Spanish complete COVID

  • Vaccine

Mode: face-to-face

Period: from January to June and from October to December

Minimum time:  6 months

Maximum time: 12 months

Context of the community in which he works

The Gualapuro community belongs to the San José de Quichinche Parish belonging to the San Luis de Otavalo canton; It is grouped with the urban center of Otavalo and the altitude ranges from 2,500 meters above sea level. up to 2,800 m.a.s.l. This place offers a family conviviality, it is full of culture where wheat, barley and corn feed the body and spirit, its green fields beautify the landscape and the kindness of its people paints a panorama of tranquility. Families make exchanges or exchanges, especially of corn, with the communities that are lower, and of sweet with the sectors of the warm zone of Intag, the community of Azabí.


Currently 63 families (approximately 300 people) live in this community. Their main source of income was agriculture and livestock, domestic service and the production of handicrafts. However, these jobs decreased after the pandemic. Currently, men work in flower shops and women in domestic service and handicrafts (bracelets).

Its goals

Awanalink is an organization made up of actors from various socio-cultural sectors and age groups, who want to respond to economic, social, political, environmental and intergenerational problems, a product of arrogance, the desire for power, the lack of love and empathy, inequity and intolerance of diversity in any of its forms.

Main activities carried out

Provides comprehensive training focused on the 5 relationships: Nature, Self, The Other, Objects and the transcendent-spiritual.


Accompany and design development projects in communities. It promotes local micro-enterprises. Provides professional development opportunities to youth through professional volunteering. Currently, the projects of the tailoring school, comprehensive school support for the boys and girls of the community, revitalization of the countryside through agricultural projects and the recovery of ancestral knowledge are being developed.

Volunteers profile

Students or professionals in the textile area


Students or professionals in psychology, education and similar


Students or professionals in the agricultural, ecology and related areas.


Young people with experience in these fields


Other profiles may be considered according to ongoing projects.

Tasks to be done

Support in the textile school

Support in the educational and psychological project

Training in agricultural production

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