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Chiara Lubich Guest House

Lamúd. Peru


In the middle of the Peruvian Amazon, a home was born to care for and  accompany the elderly.

Specific requests:  

  • Basic Spanish. Complete vaccine of Covid 19. Yellow fever vaccine.. Vaccine against yellow fever

Mode: face-to-face


Minimum time:  1 month

Maximum time: 4 months

Community context in which the Apostolic Vicariate of Lebanon works

Lámud is a city located between the jungle and the Peruvian Amazonian highlands, 2,300 meters above sea level, in northeastern Peru. It has a population of about 2,300 and a varied tropical climate with average temperatures of 17°.  It is two hours from Chachapoyas, the province's capital, and 1,222 km from Lima, Peru's capital (25 hours by bus, 1h20' by plane). The Chiara Lubich Shelter House deals with situations of vulnerability and neglect of the elderly, in conditions of extreme poverty and marginalization, and also with disabilities. It has adequate space for food supply which some neighbors in the city have voluntarily signed up for. We have a day care center for those who wish to spend time in dialogue and recreation. The Home also has the ability to provide housing for adults who lack it. Currently 4 people live there. In addition, for some time now, some children from the community have been coming to the home in search of a recreational space.


To provide care, attention and companionship to any elderly person who is alone and/or in a state of neglect or vulnerability.

Major activities carried out by the vicariate

  • We provide attention, care and companionship to the elderly. Lunch is provided daily for 50 adults, 4 of whom live in the home, and another 15 come daily to eat and share a meal with other adults. The other 20 people receive food at their homes thanks to the availability of the city's ambulance and two officials who help with the distribution of the meals.  Additionally, children from the neighborhood come to the Home every day and they find a place of education and fun

Profile of the volunteers

  • Young people willing to work and give themselves to the community, especially the elderly. Who have the capacity to adapt and are willing to have a deep cross-cultural experience.

  • For our activities, we would like to have students or professionals in the areas of health and/or related fields, cooking, special education, psycho-pedagogy and social work.

Activities to be carried out

Food distribution, geriatric psycho-emotional support (listening, dialogue). Implementation of play workshops, training workshops for staff and community in inclusive language, e.g., sign language.

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