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Associação Nossa Senhora Rainha da Paz

Brasil, Fortaleza_ CE.

Specific requests:  

  • English and Spanish: intermediate / Portuguese: advanced / Italian: intermediate. Preferably be a Christian or Catholic.

Mode: face-to-face

Period: from february to november

Minimum time:  3 months

Maximum time: 10 months

Context of the community in which he works

ANSPAZ works in a context of social assistance and support to children in need. Its community is made up of members of consecrated life, who set aside time for prayer, worship, meditation, and spiritual reflection. In addition, they have volunteers who, even though they do not live in the community, dedicate themselves to the specific objectives of loving children according to their own possibilities.

Instagram @anspazceu
web site

Its goals

ANSPAZ's goals and objectives are geared toward the realization of the Kingdom of God. They seek to evangelize and offer spiritual support to children and youth through popular missions, spiritual retreats, preventive projects, catechesis, and oratory. In addition, ANSPAZ also seeks to promote inner healing and personal growth by offering psychological and introspective therapy that values the human and transcendental aspects linked to the Christian faith.

Main activities carried out

The main activities developed by ANSPAZ include social assistance and guidance based on the principles of human ethics and the Gospel. They educate children in responsibility and sustainability, offer food, refer them to work, cultural, and sports activities, encourage the search for body health, and promote their integral formation. Additionally, ANSPAZ offers support to the families of children and young people recovering from chemical dependency, promoting integral care and strengthening family ties.

Volunteers profile

Punctuality, total availability to love and serve, respectful, cheerful, creative, communicative, obedient, not a smoker, don't drink, always present together with those responsible, attentive to community activities.

Tasks to be done

Spiritual, educational, cultural, and sports activities (Social Project). Daily masses and activities carried out in this project that the volunteer must be present, important to know but not mandatory: pedagogical support, catechesis, sustainability, soccer school, music and theater, scouting, capoeira

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