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Apostolic Vicariate of Lebanon

We work to ensure continued support for the Latin community in Lebanon and vulnerable people, regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds

Specific requests:  

  • Actively participate in proposed activities, contribute new ideas, initiatives, etc.

  • Be open to the proposed experience, flexible to changes in activities, proposal, etc.

Mode: face-to-face

Minimum time:  1 month

Maximum time: 3 months

Community context in which the Apostolic Vicariate of Lebanon works

The Apostolic Vicariate of Lebanon serves the Latin community in Lebanon, including Lebanese and non-Lebanese citizens. As the Catholic Church in Lebanon, the Vicariate works mainly on the evangelization of the latin community, as well as providing services related to education, health, etc....The latin community in Lebanon has about 20,000 Lebanese originally from Europe (France, Italy, Spain) who settled in Lebanon decades ago, as well as about 150,000 expatriates and workers from the Philippines, Sri Lanka... It includes 40 religious congregations with over 900 priests and religious. There are 200 convents throughout Lebanon. The vicariate has 10 parishes, all entrusted to and managed by religious orders.


To help and support the Latin community in Lebanon and anyone in need regardless of race, gender, religion

Major activities carried out by the vicariate

  • Provision of food to poor families through parishes;

  • Medical and pharmaceutical support and assistance;

  • Student scholarships (children and youth);

  • Psychological support (children, youth and families);

  • Assistance to people who have experienced inequality and violence (migrants) especially women and children;

  • Social support to parishes (throughout Lebanon);

  • Volunteer activities (Summer Camp for children, teenagers and youth)

Profile of the volunteers

  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic;

  • 18-29 years;

  • Good knowledge of at least one of three languages: English, French or Arabic;

  • Strong commitment to the values and principles of volunteering;

  • Respect for diversity and willingness to work in a multicultural environment;

  • Ability to adapt to changing and sometimes difficult living and working conditions;

  • Willingness and ability to devote 1 to 3 months to a youth volunteer assignment.

Activities to be carried out

Activities with children, adolescents and youth. Summer activities, after-school activities, social aid activities (preparing and distributing food boxes), repair activities (painting, fixing garden, school garden), visiting poor families, etc. 

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