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Tocancipá, Colombia

Specific requests:  

  • Intermediate Spanish

Mode: face-to-face

Period: from January to June

Minimum time:  6 months

Maximum time: 11 months

Context of the community in which he works

The Sol Naciente School is located in the municipality of Tocancipá, 40 minutes from the city of Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. Its rapid business and industrial development has brought with it the consequent demographic growth from different regions of the country and even from other countries. This process has generated social and cultural changes, as well as the accentuation of different problems and inequalities in the municipality. 

We currently serve 370 children and adolescents between the ages of 3 to 18 years, their families belong to different socioeconomic backgrounds and some of them have greater needs, so they are helped by a sponsorship program to ensure them a quality education.

Its goals

Our education is focused on the exercise of dialogue and its pillar is the education in human values such as education for globalization, love, fraternity, and respect for life, among other values, necessary to respond to the challenges of the third millennium. In addition, we have inclusive education for people with Special Educational Needs (Down Syndrome, dyslexia, ADHD, among others).

Main activities carried out

Currently in the institution we provide education at the preschool, elementary, high school and middle school levels, we have enrolled 370 children, youth and teenagers. Among the main activities that take place in the School are the choir, the symphonic band, sport groups, in addition to the mathematical Olympics, science fair, story contest, musical, among others that are held each year to generate a space for the entire educational community.

Volunteers profile

Young people who like working in a team and who can adapt to situations of change. Who study or are professionals in the areas of education and/or training for children and teenagers, or who want to accompany them in their schooling. Who are proactive and can carry out or promote workshops and initiatives appropriate to the ages of children and teens.

Tasks to be done

Support the institution's projects such as: The musical, environmental education activities, school reinforcement, classroom support if required. - Teacher or class auxiliar in areas such as: Spanish Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics or Music.

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