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Centro de Atención Integral Hornos - Las Águilas

Mexico, Mexico City.

We offer care services to vulnerable families.

Specific requests:  

  • basic knowledge of Spanish

  • bachelor or technical studies

  • complete COVID vaccine

  • medical insurance

Mode: face-to-face / online

Period: from February to November

Minimum time: 3 months

Maximum time: 6 months

Context of the community in which he works

The Las Águilas global assistance centre is located in the river bed of a ravine west of Mexico City. It is a marginalised area, where many families live in an irregular settlement. The construction of the houses is very varied: some are built with brick walls, but without regular plans, i.e. built in a haphazard way; many others are made with scrap materials, sheeting, old wood,etc.


Going uphill, about 300 metres, a radical contrast in all social conditions can be observed: a residential area with high economic resources. In this small area there are an estimated 250 families, many of whom live in 3 or 4 households in the same house.


The first families to arrive here mostly migrated from the countryside in search of employment opportunities. Over time, new generations have been born and raised here.

Its goals

The primary purpose of the Social Centre in this community has been to bear witness to fraternity, breaking down the barriers that exist and building unity between those who have and those who have less.


It is increasingly evident that the Social Centre has a dual function: on the one hand, it works for the good of the community, establishing a sincere and friendly dialogue, creating the conditions for people to feel at home when they come to the Centre, giving them back or making them feel the dignity they have.


On the other hand, it is a place that offers the opportunity for students from private schools, universities, professionals or people of goodwill to donate by providing financial aid, knowledge, services, etc.


In other words, there is a communion of goods and skills, which results in mutual enrichment.

Main activities carried out

It offers care services to families in vulnerability to overcome their conditions of poverty and marginalization, in the areas of health, education, to improve their work and entrepreneurial skills, human and spiritual formation.

Volunteers profile

Responsible young people, with a spirit of service, with empathic and adaptation skills.

Tasks to be done

Human training for parents and children with early stimulation processes, physiotherapy at different levels, school accompaniment courses in different areas and levels, care for people with different abilities, addiction prevention, psychology at all levels, geriatrics.

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