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Casa do Menor São Miguel Arcanjo

Brazil, Fortaleza.

It aims to gradually create a family environment with the presence of a father and a social mother when possible, creating an atmosphere of attention and affection that becomes a reference.

Specific requests:  

  • being vaccinated

  • have a health insurance

Modality: face-to-face / online / semi-presidential

Period: all months of the year

Minimum time: 1 month

Maximum time: 6 months

Context of the community in which he works

Built in 2001, the Children's Village includes five family homes, a vocational center, a play-sports center, a "pousada" for volunteers, a health clinic. It is part of the Espiritual Uirapuru (CEU) condominium, where 22 communities born from ancient and new charisms coexist, to give an answer to the most varied spiritual and social questions of the city.

Its goals

To take in children, adolescents and young people at risk, with an emphasis on working with families. Our concern and goal is family and social reintegration, favouring the involvement of these children. Rescue lives and build citizenship through our programmes: our aim is to go to meet children on the streets, to help their real needs, to help them to dream, create relationships of reference and offer them different and attractive options from the ones they have living as homeless people, by inserting them in institutions or social programmes, or favouring their return to their biological family.

Main activities carried out

Fostering: Seeks to gradually create a family environment with the presence of a social father and mother where possible, creating an atmosphere of care and attention that becomes a reference point. It includes a halfway house, first reception, Lares Homes, Support House, Family Reinsertion, Substitute Family, Social Reinsertion


Schooling and professionalisation: Aims to provide a cultural basis and to offer professional training courses and professional ethics for adolescents and young people in care or who live in our environment, training them for the labour market.

Volunteers profile

Over 18 years old, open to the spiritual dimension

Tasks to be done

Participate in any of our activities, working with children and teenagers in vulnerability and social fragile situation, focusing specifically in the family work.

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