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Caritas Jordan

Jordan, Amman.

Caritas is a Latin word which means love. It is a humanitarian and benevolent NGO linked to the Catholic Church.

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Context of the community in which he works

Caritas is a Latin word means love. It is a humanitarian charity non- governmental organization that is affiliated with the Catholic Church. It has an international representation, handling social and humanitarian work. It was established in 1967 as a result of June war, responding to the humanitarian needs that emerged from the wars and the displacement of the Palestinian people to Jordan.

Its goals

Caritas Jordan has become an efficient and active organization in fighting poverty and supporting development of local communities by providing assistance and services to around 100,000 persons per year. It has 18 centres distributed all over Jordan where its programs are implemented to serve many people in the north, south and middle regions of Jordan.

Main activities carried out

  • Primary Health Care Program

  • Refugees & Migrant Workers Services Program

  • Humanitarian Assistance for Jordanians Program

  • Volunteers & Youth Program

  • Emergency Response for Refugees Program

Volunteers profile

There is no specific profile.

Tasks to be done

  • Help the poor and the needy in the society.

  • Develop self- potential of the needy to support their right in work and decent life.

  • Provide primary & secondary health services in addition to service of maternity and child.

  • Help refuges, homeless and victims of wars and disasters.

  • Aware Jordanian community on local humanitarian causes and on the importance of participating at well-fare actions.

  • Collaborate with public and voluntary institutions in addition to Caritas International members in order to achieve Caritas Jordan goals

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