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Two of the most intense months I've lived

Before traveling, my main fear was how to communicate and live the volunteering experience effectively. In addition, I aimed to improve my skills in helping and relating to others, as well as getting to know new cultures and realities. As soon as I arrived, in the first few days, I felt a little anxious and afraid of what the next steps would be like, however, with Norma's welcome, I felt more comfortable and safe.

At first, contact with the beneficiaries was a little difficult because of the language and cultural differences, but over time I was able to get closer to them and understand a little of each one's reality. Along the way, what most impressed me was the organization of the Institute and the tutors' care for the residents and even for me. In addition, the care and attention that Norma (my tutor) always gave to me and the house I was living in, was something very important that helped me live this experience well, as I felt that at any moment that I needed, she would be there.

Of course, the adaptation was a little difficult, just like any other process. However, due to the short time I was going to stay, I tried to be as available as possible to live this experience fully and it was truly a unique moment in my life. I could see the residents' efforts to understand me and teach me a little about their reality and share a little of my knowledge. Furthermore, all the workers were always very patient and available to explain the activities to me and help me with any difficulties that emerged. These small acts were extremely fundamental to live the voluntary exchange and have a good experience.

During this period, I could cite several situations that marked this experience. The two most impactful moments for me, were when a family had nowhere to go, although they had arrived a short time ago, we created a good connection and that made this process a little delicate. Seeing them in such a vulnerable situation made me rethink my personal choices and that was the first situation that made me have emotional balance and understand to what extent I could help. Another aspect that made this experience so beautiful was realizing the affection and respect I was able to build with the residents. Every time a family left the shelter or when someone entered, it was always a difficult process because of the language, culture or simply saying goodbye to the people they were living with and that, without a doubt, was something remarkable.

Overall, what I can say about this experience is that it was life changing. First, because I left Brazil with the expectation of helping, others and that I communicated well in another language, but when I arrived in Valencia I realized that I knew nothing of Spanish (lol) which made the process of learning and living together even more beautiful. Second, it was something that took me out of my reality and transported me to a very different place, with different people and impactful stories. Several situations made me grow and mature personally, which I will definitely take with me in my life. Besides the unique moments and exchanges with each person I met on this journey.

In the face of all this, what I can say is that I exceeded my expectations, they were the most intense two months that he has lived.

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