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Ottmaring: On the road to a new home

Judit Pladevall

I decided to come to Ottmaring because there was something in my heart that made me move in its direction. I arrived without knowing where I would live, or what exactly I would do, or how I would feel. Till the first moment I felt like home, everyone took time to look at me eye to eye, and each person that I found on the streets of Ottmaring asked me how I was, or if everything was alright. I can feel the taking care of me from all your community. I felt like home.

I'm thankful for coming here I could also discover a lot of different places, Munic, Augsburg, Friedberg, Ottmaring, Dahau, Regensburg, Walhalla, Partnachklamm, Eibsee and the top of germany!!!!!! Moreover, I discovered the focolare movement, the diversity of religion and the well understanding between, the life of Chiara Lubich, some cultural aspects, the typical German food, a little of its language, and the country's history. This is, for me, the best way to discover a country and its people. I am very grateful.

The first week was for adaptation and context discovery. We also started to prepare our project called “We speak English”, for teens interested in improving their English, during Easter holidays and for living two days in a community, like a family. It was a very nice experience that I could share with Ester, Brigit, Peter and all these boys and girls.

The other big project that I participated in was the Paar seminar in Johannisthal. I had the chance to work with Ulrike. Together we organized the living for the children. It was amazing to discover the relationships between parents and children.

I also participated in some local sports moments, discovered the families of Ottmaring, the interesting job of funktionlaoptometrie, the different schools I could visit and helping in concrete moments for your community… A lot of things!

I really loved the green of its land, the harmony of the songs of the birds, the respect, confidence, and love that I received from all of you.

I can only say DANKE SCHON!

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