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Milonga: a week of training and work in Germany

One of the richest parts of being part of an international volunteering program is being a citizen of the world. We have a chance to create an atmosphere of sharing in an intercultural atmosphere because of the diversity of our representative countries, even if only for a few days.

This time, Milonga entered into the German culture in order to conduct a training course aimed at the international team of representatives from our various social organizations.

Last week, small town of Ottmaring located about 70 km from Munich, welcomed about twenty members from Portugal, Argentina, Kenya, Filipine, Brazil, Mexico, United States and Croatia, who from 12 to 18 of November participated in a training session promoted by Milonga.

The meeting dealt with several main topics regarding the management of the program in its various phases, particularly in the pre-start and post-experience periods. Milonga offers fraternal voluntary service, where reciprocity and intercultural exchange play a very important role. The purpose of the meeting was to elaborate what it means to take part in this type of service, its meaning, challenges and perspectives aiming of expand the program worldwide.

The training course concluded the Milonga pilot phase; two years in which around 100 young people have had an experience of fraternal service volunteering in one of the program’s various destinations. So whats next?

Milonga has huge potential for development. It was born as a response to the need and interest of many youth looking for opportunities to serve others. Now that the pilot phase is over, Milonga will begin expanding its coverage by offering more destinations, and involving more volunteers in this educational and social journey.

Part of the work carried out in these days included the study of new volunteer proposals offering youth various options that respond to both the desire to provide a concrete service, but also to find spaces where to exercise practical knowledge and the specific areas study that our volunteers carry .

We are taking the next step of this dance. Would you like to join us?

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