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My MilONGa Experience in Mariapolis Lia

This time, the dance floor is located in Argentina, and I find myself at that timeless point where you realize that something is going to change your life. I know that the idea is to go and help others with what you know how to do, and sometimes one goes with the uncertainty of being a help to the other, but I feel that something drives me to take these steps. I like to learn and without a doubt learning together.

Volunteering will take place in Mariapolis Lía, a place located in a rural area, that is made up of roads, companies, houses, and many more structures.

Once tuned into the frequency of Milonga, I begin the adventure. I arrive at the Buenos Aires Airport at dawn which warmly embraces me; I travel from the beautiful northern winter to the new spring of the south. There I meet with a person who welcomes me with a smile, and my ears hear the new accent of this Castillian different from mine.

Ironically, in this new place that is full of plains, refreshing aromas, and fragrances that the soul sometimes forgets for the noise and city bustle, where they think that life is made up of seconds that last hours, everything happens the opposite way; life in this citadel motivates you to live the present moment with great intensity.

Over the course of the days, the idea I had about the areas that are found far from the city was modified. Every day I take a brief walk towards work and as I begin the trip, I feel the soft caresses of the air on my face. In this same journey, I can observe flirtation of the diversity of leaves that are found along the way, one with the others to put together the morning show. The days give me surprises in and out of the work place, the working environment of the company surprises me, and I begin to realize that in this place surrounded by soybean fields something different is lived, something that for now I am unable to explain, that something that I will discover in the footwork of Milonga.

The time at the company gifts me moments that allow me to know people better, I have rediscovered the meaning of work, the ordinary slowly turns into something extraordinary, the milonga comes to life in all of its forms, and I express thatthe majority of the people who come to live an experience, open their doors to their hearts to leave in mine more that a seal of wax, a golden brooch with the emblem whose key to prosperity is in giving, “give and it will be given to you.” (Luke 6:38).

Sometimes I have observed the fig tree, just at the moment when that season begins where the aromas that awaken the appetite to consume that sweet fruit are perceived, and is taken advantage of to make jams, sweets, or simply taste from the harvest. I understand something: life has two options, invest the time in harvesting or advance the daily work a little more. In the cities, perhaps we have to opt for the latter, leaving aside the invitation that nature makes us.

Harvesting in time and form helps the tree, favors it provide fresh figs, but you only have the option of doing it in the present moment. If you leave it foe later, then nature will take advantage of that distraction and will take away the plesure of tasting the fruits that that smooth grayish branch and big leaf offers. The bugs will start their work without thinking about it twice, and once invaded, eating it will not be an enjoyable option. Then, if one takes care of this value that nature wisely gives us, we will benefit either through a moment of distraction, introspection, or by getting out of our routine.

One of the many things that I learned over here was precisely that: living in the present moment can generate an experience of mutual love.

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