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2018 new asante edition

To everyone who would like to be part of an exciting experience as a volunteer in Kenya, Africa, we offer an opportunity to give their contribution in several social centers throughout Kenya.

Over time, we have built relationships with many local communities and have discovered the real and concrete needs of the people who live in different contests in this amazing country. Thus every year, we launch ourselves in an adventure to discover these wonderful realities.

The experience we propose encompasses more than work and service, because we want to know and interact with the population of this extraordinary land. To this end, we shall visit various rural communities upcountry searching for a genuine encounter with each person we will meet.

Work, multicultural workshops, time for personal reflection, will all be part of our amazing journey.

When: From July 22nd to August 19th


Eugenio Chica: Languages: Spanish, English, Italian

WhatsApp: +254 7305 426 975

Lucia Cardoso: Languages: Italian and Portuguese

WhatsApp: +254 729 418 794

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