3 years have gone by since when in 2016, the first volunteers ventured themselves to start dancing milONGa with us.

At that moment, a pilot program was starting that was born as an option for responding to the challenges, interests and needs of concrete action of a lot of young people who wanted to donate their time and talents in social actions.

 Now, in 2019, we have seen that what started like as a pilot test, today is a program that aims to consolidate itself at the international level, spreading not only its coverage but also enhancing the quality of the formative wager in which it aims to.

MilONGa offers formative spaces designed specifically for propitiating a framed experience in the reciprocity and interculturality, but also accompanies the volunteers and the social organizations and local communities during each of the phases of the volunteering.

Precisely, one of the families belonging to the local community of Montevideo, received a couple of months ago, the first milONGa volunteer in this country. Very happy and grateful, they wrote to us how that experience was shared together:

“We want to thank, in the name of the family, for the lived experience of sharing our home and family with Elisa.

They were really days of much sharing, of being continuously in this exercise of loving the other, of looking for the times to dedicate them to her. She was another daughter; we took care of her and we were always attentive with every detail so that she could feel right at home.

Day to day we became accustomed with her presence and she united us very much

The day of her departure to Italy was very hard, for us and also for her, because a strong tie was formed. We miss her very much!”

This is one of the experiences that has as protagonists, not only the more that 100 youths that have made their volunteering, but also the more than 15 social organizations spread in different countries of 4 continents, that become the second home to the volunteers that come to work in and with the communities.

From UNISOL, one of the NGO of Bolivia, they write:

A young Spanish woman that in 2017 did her volunteering in Rincón de Luz Cochabamba-Bolivia, some time before (April 2019) arrived by surprise at the social center. Now she is working in a program of the United Nations in La Paz, and she didn’t see the hour of coming to Rincón de la Luz to visit us. She told us of the volunteering experience made over here was fundamental to her, and true she had made others, this one was the one that allowed her to risk coming back to Bolivia. She told us: “they made me love it.” For the children it has been a party seeing her again, and for all of us it was as if though someone from the family was returning.

Not only have the social organizations accepted the invitation to dance this international milONGa. Increasingly, the different citadels belonging to the Focolare Movement have started to join this rhythm. Until now there are 9 citadels, spaces of formation and hosting of volunteers that form part of the program.

At the end of 2018, some young people who were concluding their experience of formation for young people that is developed at the Mariapolis Lia decided to venture towards Bolivia in search of spaces where they can make more concrete that which they had lived during their passing through Mariapolis

There, in Bolivia, they arrived to some of the social organizations that also form part of milONGa and together with the communities, shared different spaces of work, recreation, and donation.

After 3 years, this dance has an unstoppable rhythm. 2019 brings us big challenges in which we want you to also join. Milonga Project awaits you!