milONGa in Punta Alta


This past September 6th, we found ourselves in the community of Punta Alta, Argentina, presenting on the milONGa Program.

There, in Punta Alta the Centro Social Nuevos Horizontes is located, a space that offers containment to boys, girls and adolescents of the Fonavi neighborhood, and with them their families, who live in vulnerable conditions for different reasons.

Since the beginning of milONGa, the Social Center is a part of the program and wishes to provide quality volunteering for young people who are interested in this initiative.

For this reason, we meet with the nearby community at the center, that is for milONGa, the local communities are also protagonists and fundamental for making the volunteering a true intercultural experience, fraternal, and reciprocal.

Each of the social organizations that are a part of milONGa have in their vicinity a group of people that support their management and help fulfill their objectives.

It is these people, the local communities, who play an important role in milONGa.

How? The proposal made to the community of Punta Alta is the same one that has been made and continues to make to those who have received milONGa volunteers: to accompany and to help the young people insert themselves in the culture of the place and can live an experience of mutual donation.

The means and the ways for the community to be an active part in milONGa are varied: offering themselves in taking in their homes a volunteer, or by being a tour guide for a day, organizing intercultural moments in which the volunteer can meet the community, as well as the customs of the city; they can accompany the NGO during the process of preparation in the arrival of the volunteer and during the duration of their service, etc.

The important thing, as said by one of the individuals present in this encounter, is not missing the opportunity of living an experience like this.

There, in Punta Alta, we understood that the milONGa experience is not only for the volunteers or for the social organizations; it is also for every single person that is a part of it, and therefor, it is also an experience for the local community.