Do you want to be a part of milONGa but still don’t know how?

MilONGa offers diverse ways for you, your community and/or social organization to get involved.

The offer of making a volunteer with a clear focus towards fraternity implies the concrete action of various actors, among them, the local communities, first spaces of embrace of the young volunteers. That is why, if you become a part of a community, we leave you here with 8 ideas with which you can become involved and join us in dancing:


1- Get in contact with the NGO that is a part of milONGa to see if there is a volunteer who wants to go to your community.


2- Live a unique intercultural experience by offering your home so that a volunteer can stay for some time with you and your family.


3- Be the first one in taking in a volunteer and offering yourself to picking him/her up at the airport and/or taking him/her to important places in your city.


4- Be a tour guide and help the volunteer submerge him/herself in the culture of your country.


5- Organize moments of amusement with different members of the community so that they can meet the volunteers that are spending time in your city.


6- Be a teacher for a day and offer yourself by participating in the process of cultural immersion of the volunteer, organizing a chat or a space where they can know and submerge themselves on the culture of the place.


7- Help the NGO that receives the volunteers with an economic contribution for their maintenance.


8- Be a multiplier of milONGa and invite the young people that you meet to become a part of this international dance.



Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

This rhythm is being danced in every corner of the planet!