New Volunteering Platform - MILONGA Project


MILONGA = Thousands of non-governmental organizations in action.

New Humanity and Youth for a United World , together with the Latin American Network of social organizations inspired by the charism of unity, in collaboration with Sociedade Movimento dos Focolares – Brazil and Suma Fraternidad, have joined forces to work on the development of a platform for international volunteering.

The platform “Milonga” aims to provide high- quality opportunities for “fraternal” and intercultural volunteering for young people between 21 and 35 years, whose desire is to commit themselves to global experiences which contribute to social change. As part of this proposal, the communities and little towns of the Focolare Movement have joined the platform offering spaces for action, training and commitment for the youth whose work will strengthen the impact of the NGOs on the ground.


Because in this experience volunteers and non-governmental organizations work together to promote fraternity in action.
The originality of this program is that it is voluntary service with mentorship before during and afterwards: both the volunteer and the receiving organization will receive technical support and training to improve the impact of their actions, strengthening leadership capacities and global citizenship awareness.

The fraternal approach to volunteering has emerged from the experience of different generations working together, and represents a novel form of social action, whose key is the fraternal relationship among all those involved. And the spirit of fraternity is also what drives the encounters with communities in precarious situations, bringing about an experience of communion and intercultural dialogue. On this basis, pathways for social transformation and development can be discovered together.

Currently there are projects in 7 Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, Venezuela and Uruguay., involving social and -community organizations that are part of UNIRedes, a network of social organizations linked to the charism of unity. To learn more please click here: List of the participating NGOs. We are working with other Latin American countries and NGOs worldwide to offer new opportunities soon.

How can you become a volunteer?
Be between 21 and 35 years old, and have a valid passport. Fill in the REGISTRATION FORM, and we will contact you for the next steps. For further information please contact.